How Running Can Get You Into Shape

Running should be fully understood to be able to bring in maximum results. Since there are some individuals who only run whenever they want or feel, they should first have a clearer picture of the things they want to achieve.


With more people are getting interested in running globally, more people were also making it a part of their daily lives. If you also want to improve your overall health, you must start to incorporate running to your busy schedule. 30 minutes of running won’t harm you.

Before anything else, you need to understand that there are numerous individuals who approach running from different angles. Majority of them are making use of it in losing weight. Most individuals start running as this is what their doctors recommend them of doing. This helps them treat or prevent some detrimental conditions like Blood Pressure. There are some who ever prefer the quote ‘prevention is better than treatment’. They definitely understand how running gives benefit to their bodies. And, this is the main reason why they want to stay in shape and healthy.

In addition, you also need to pay extra attention to your breathing. Some professional individuals also experience some serious health conditions leading to bad breathing. You must understand how much “Breathing” affects your running.

If you want muscles to properly work, you must supply them with enough oxygen. As much as possible, you must try to inhale with the use of your nose and mouth. This is also for you to ensure a great amount of oxygen. With the use of diaphragm, this can space up your lungs and hold more air required during the exercise.

Running Tips –Running Beginner

• You must run at a phase wherein breathing is comfortable.
• You need to increase the distance of running every 2 weeks. This can be done by increasing 500 m at a time.
• Make sure to warm up before running and stretching. Warming up needs to be done until you start sweating. This is for you to relax and ready the body for the task.
• Once you start feeling lazy, you simply need to warm up the body to get the required mood for the run.
• You must not always strengthen the back. But, this should not be stiff.
• Avoid looking down when running since this only causes dizziness.
• Shake arms and shoulders periodically in avoiding muscle pain and cramps.
• Make sure to rehydrate before running after the running session. You will surely be surprised with the additional energy you’ll get from rehydrating.
• It is also essential for you to drink some electrolytes. These will help you to get back in shape and get energized all the time.
• You need to eat an hour and a half before running for you to get the maximum energy.
• For you to keep the motivation overflowing, you may consider joining community runs since this will help you in getting the support.
• You can also consider joining in local races. Regardless if you win, this will surely one of the best ways for you to improve your ability and skills over time.
• You can also listen to music while you’re running since this helps you to feel more energized and active.
• Avoid comparing yourself to others. You need to run for yourself first and not to impress other individuals Bear in mind that running is different.

Running Benefits

1. Flexible Cardiovascular System: Running is good for your heart since this enables it to pump at a maximum hearth beat rate. This has the ability to strengthen the blood vessels and for muscles to get its good stretch. In addition, “high blood pressure” is also avoided.

2. Stronger Bones: This serves as one of the high impact workouts which help the bone with each “stress” from every step you take. If you run on a regular basis, you can stimulate your body to add a mass to bones.

3. Healthy Weight: Once you start covering a longer distance, your metabolism process is now starting to increase. For you to easily digest and get rid of unhealthy fats stored in the body, you need to incorporate daily running on your regimen. Apart from that, this is also one of the perfect ways for you to maintain body weight at healthy level.

Running Gear

1. Shoes: the main function of wearing “running shoes” is to protect and avoid you from getting serious joint damages. The shock derived from running has its “triple force effect” to your body. This is the main reason why these shoes are created with shock and cushion materials. Make sure that your shoes perfectly fit. The surface that you will run through should also be paid with extra attention.

2. Pants or Shorts: This can vary from any style and color but you must feel comfortable with it. This lessens the rubbing. Thus, you must choose for a wicking material in preventing friction and chafing.